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Originally Published in April 2018

Considering the cool start to the spring in Champaign, Illinois, you likely haven’t turned your air conditioner on yet. But that’s likely to change in the coming weeks as summer approaches. To ensure you maximize efficiency and get the most bang for your energy buck, it’s important to maintain your AC system. With that said, here’s how scheduling spring HVAC maintenance saves you money:

Start Saving on Your Cooling Bills Now

Without HVAC maintenance, your air conditioning system will start wasting money as soon as you turn it on. To save as much money as possible, make sure your AC system is ready for another cooling season beforehand. That way, as soon as you turn your AC system on, it’ll work to not only keep you comfortable but do so at the lowest price possible. In fact, homeowners in Champaign save up to 40 percent on their energy bills when investing in professional HVAC maintenance.

Reduce the Risk of a Costly Repair Later

Returning home to a hot and stuffy house is never fun in the middle of summer. But if you don’t get your AC system inspected in the spring, that’s exactly what can happen.

When you schedule professional HVAC maintenance, a service technician will check your AC system to make sure it doesn’t have any underlying issues. If it does, he or she will repair them immediately. And if they’re irreparable, you’ll still have time to replace your air conditioner before the temperatures start breaking the 80-degree mark.

Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Plan to Save Even More

There aren’t any excuses for forgetting about maintaining your AC system when you can invest in an HVAC maintenance plan. By doing so, you’ll leave the dirty work to the professionals. Some cost-saving benefits of investing in an HVAC maintenance plan include a 15-percent discount on repairs and no overtime charges.

Don’t put off taking care of the system that takes care of your all summer long. Contact Mattex Heating Cooling and Plumbing today to learn more about how HVAC maintenance helps you save.

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