Monticello, IL homeowners frequently hear that regular maintenance extends the life of an air conditioning system. What you might not be clear about is how.

Most of the problems stemming from lack of maintenance involve overworking your AC unit. Here are three examples of how AC maintenance extends the life of your system by making sure all of its pieces and parts work correctly.

Adequate Airflow

Clogged filters, malfunctioning blower motors, and dirty coils all impede airflow in your AC system, causing it to work overtime. Neglecting the maintenance that identifies these problems increases the strain on your compressor and the likelihood of a compressor failure. The compressor is the essence of your AC unit. When it goes, it typically means that you’ll need replacement HVAC services.

Small Repairs vs Big Ones

If you mend a tear in a piece of clothing while it’s small, you can continue wearing the outfit for weeks or months — maybe even years. If you ignore the tear and wait until it’s a gaping hole, the days of the garment are numbered.

It’s the same way with AC maintenance. With regular HVAC services, you discover problems while they’re still small and fixable. If you neglect maintenance, that little problem can erupt into a major one and wreak havoc on your entire system.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your AC unit turns off before it completes the cooling cycle, only to turn on again a short time later. Start-up is extremely hard on your compressor and can eventually lead to burnout. Low refrigerant, clogged filters, and defective thermostats are among the causes of short cycling. All of these problems can be found and fixed with regular AC maintenance.

AC systems don’t last forever, but with regular care, you can make sure your air conditioner has a long, productive life. To learn more about the benefits of our Pro Tune-up Agreement, check out our HVAC maintenance services or call (217) 762-2611.

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