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Heating & AC Repair, Plumbing & Electrical Services in Monticello, IL

With so many HVAC contractors in Monticello, Illinois, hoping to secure your business, the search to find the most trustworthy company can be a painstaking and seemingly painful process. At Mattex Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical, we try to make that search as easy as possible by upholding our solid reputation and ensuring our customers let others in the community know about their outstanding experience with us.

If your air conditioning system is blowing warm air or your pipes are leaking, or you need heating, indoor air quality, or HVAC maintenance, you can count on our crew to complete the repair properly and restore your comfort as quickly as we can. Those are promises you can expect us to keep!

High-Quality AC Repair Service in Monticello, Illinois

When you return home from a long day at work during the summer, the last thing you want to find out is that your air conditioner broke down. Unfortunately, whether it’s because of normal wear and tear or a lack of regular HVAC maintenance, hundreds of homeowners in Monticello deal with this problem.

In addition to offering preventive maintenance services, which can help you reduce the instance of AC repairs and the costs associated, our crew of certified service technicians has experience repairing all makes and models of air conditioners, including energy-efficient units manufactured by Trane.

We Also Hire Professional Electricians and Plumbers

While the team at Mattex Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical specializes in performing AC repairs, replacements and maintenance, we also hire professional electricians and plumbers for when homeowners in Monticello experience a water leak or faulty wiring. Instead of trying to fix the issue yourself, which can feel tempting in an effort to save a buck or two, it’s imperative that you contact a professional to avoid worsening the problem by creating more property damage or risking your family’s safety. Mattex Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical will make sure the latter always comes first.

If you’re in need of a professional air conditioning, plumbing or electrical repair in Monticello, Illinois, contact Mattex Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical at (217) 355-9700. Our team of expert service technicians looks forward to preserving your comfort.

Monticello, IL

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