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Is it Time to Replace Your Heating & Cooling System?

How to know if it’s time for air conditioner or furnace installation.

Whether your heating and air conditioning system is broken and expensive to repair or it’s simply too old and costs too much to operate, your decision whether to replace it should be based on an equipment analysis. This will show you your current operating costs and the potential return on investment with new, more efficient equipment. The cost to operate your current heating and air conditioning system, according to the Department of Energy, has increased 42% in the last several years while the cost to manufacture the equipment, including raw material costs for copper, iron, plastic, sheet metal and aluminum has jumped dramatically over the same period.

A higher efficiency system will result in lower energy costs, eliminate expensive repairs, reduce maintenance costs and decrease the indoor temperature variance. More importantly, it will protect your investment with a longer and more complete warranty.

Ready to Install/Replace your Heater or Air Conditioner?

Our friendly and experienced team of Comfort Consultants in Champaign know heating and air conditioning systems inside and out. They’ll take the time to study your home, understand your heating and cooling requirements, show you all of your options and assist you with finding the quality home comfort system that best meets your family’s needs and budget.

Contact us today and see how our qualified air conditioner or heater installation can give you a new sense of home comfort.


"The control board in my 26-year old furnace started to fail, and while I could have done a repair to eek a few more years out of it, I opted for replacement. I contacted and received bids from seven different companies in Champaign-Urbana to replace both the furnace and A/C.

Of everybody I contacted, Rich from Mattex was the right combination of professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He was very straight-forward with what I needed, presented quotes for just about every possible option instead of recommending just one system, answered my repeated phone calls and questions, and gave me a lot of information to work with. No other company addressed my needs as well as he did. All salesmen are trying to make the best sale they can, but Rich seemed to be more interested in selling what best met my needs instead of what was best for his commission. I also felt their price was very appropriate for the work being done and the products/services being provided, so I was more than happy to give my business to him.

The installation itself was a breeze. The technicians who did the install did a great job of lining everything up with the existing ductwork, made some adjustments to work with my weirdly designed basement, cleaned up after themselves, and were very professional. They were willing to work with my schedule and my need to have the A/C unit installed at a later date so I can fix the grade on that side of the house. So far, the system is working great and while I hope to never have to install an HVAC system again, I would absolutely use this company to do it."

~ J. Martin

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