5522511_365x256Modern commercial kitchens utilize many types of food preparation equipment. Whether it is a four-vat fry station, a proofing oven, a 10 ft gas griddle, or a conveyor oven for pizza baking, a profitable kitchen depends on a number of critical pieces of equipment to stay on-line 7 days a week, for 365 days a year.

Although quality kitchen equipment is designed to operate every day under less-than-favorable conditions, breakdowns are certain to happen, and an owner or kitchen manager needs to depend on a service company that provides quality service and repair on a vast array of equipment types and is able to quickly respond to emergency breakdowns.

In most emergency cases, the dispatch team at Mattex Heating & Cooling will send a qualified technician to your store within the very same hour limiting the down time of that critical piece of equipment. In non-emergency situations, we will schedule our service technician to visit your store during slower periods or at time that is convenient for you and your employees.

Packaged Systems

Trane Packaged Dual Fuel Heating and Cooling systems not only serve as the centerpiece for your home-comfort system, but they also offer amazing architectural flexibility, easily accommodating both rooftop and ground-level placement. Whether installed on the ground beside your home or positioned on a flat or sloped roof of your business, Trane packaged units are designed to adapt seamlessly to your needs.

Your packaged system starts with a Trane Climatuff compressor. It can include a variable-speed indoor blower with our Comfort-R technology which offers increased comfort and humidity control. You may choose a Trane FreshEffects air cleaner to introduce fresh outdoor air while removing stale indoor air. The FreshEffects recovers heat and moisture from the exchanged air for enhanced comfort and energy savings.

No matter how you choose to put your package together you can be assured that your system includes efficient and quality equipment backed by Mattex Heating & Cooling and Trane. Call us at 217-355-9700 for a customized system that fits your needs.