Changing or installing new lighting fixtures can make a big difference in your Monticello, IL home. Adding lighting to brighten up the laundry room or recessed lights in the living room adds aesthetic appeal and value. If you don’t do it correctly, however, your project can add more heartaches than happiness. Here are a few reasons why you’re better off hiring a professional for electrical services in your home.

Weight Requirements

Homeowners tend to think that it’s simple to switch out a light fixture for a ceiling fan. Fans can weigh up to 50 pounds. If you hook them to a junction box designed for a ceiling light, you might soon find your ceiling fan crashing down on your dining room table.

Safety Violations

A common problem we encounter involves ratings for safe use. Homeowners frequently install a light designed for interior use on the outside or use a higher-wattage bulb than what the fixture can handle. Violating these safety features when installing lighting fixtures can create fire hazards.

Improper Grounding or Wiring

Lights come with lots of wires and parts, all of which require proper installation. Each fixture requires grounding and proper connections, and sometimes it requires finesse to accomplish this safely within the junction box. Failure in either of these areas opens you up to electric shock or fire.

Old Wiring

One of the risks of adding light fixtures is outdated wiring. Wiring in older homes might not be able to handle the power demands of today’s lights and other appliances. Frayed wires, no GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters), aluminum wiring, and overloaded circuits or panel box are a few problems you can encounter when adding lights to old wiring.

If you’re thinking of installing lighting fixtures in your Monticello home, go the safe route and hire a professional. For comfort and security, check out the electrical services we offer at Mattex Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical or call (217) 355-9700.

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