With the warm and humid summers in Mattoon, IL, you need an effective air conditioner for relief. Each time the cooling system cycles, you should notice the cool, fresh air entering each room of your home. If you notice a bad odor, this isn’t normal. Here are some strange odors you might smell, their causes, and what you should do about them.

Chemical Odors

A smell of chemicals during a cooling cycle is cause for concern. Your air conditioner could have a refrigerant leak. There could be an issue with an electrical part, or the motor could be leaking fluids. If you suddenly smell an odor of rotten eggs, an animal may have died in or near your air conditioning system or air ducts. These issues require attention from our cooling system experts.

Smoke or Gun Powder

A faint odor of smoke the first time you use your cooling system could result from leftover dust in your home’s air vents. If the smell lasts for more than a couple of cooling cycles, it could be an electrical issue. Air conditioning systems use high-voltage electricity. If the system’s circuit board or fan goes bad, you may notice a burning smell. This will be accompanied by a lack of cooling. The system won’t turn on when its circuit board or fan is damaged. Electrical or mechanical problems with your cooling system need professional troubleshooting and repairs.

Stinky Feet or Wet Basement

A musty smell coming from your home’s air ducts during a cooling cycle suggests that water is pooling in or near the equipment. The condensate drain or drain pan could be clogged or cracked, explains the Department of Energy. This allows organic growth to thrive in the pipe, air handler, and air ducts.

To learn more about unusual air conditioner odors, check out Mattex Heating Cooling and Plumbing’s air conditioning services, or call our cooling system experts today.

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