Originally published in May 2018

The daytime temperatures in Monticello, Illinois, will soon be hovering around the 90-degree mark. And unless you like sitting in a hot and stuffy home, your air conditioner probably gets plenty of use. Hopefully, your AC system isn’t experiencing any problems. But if it is, it’s better to repair them now instead of waiting until later.

AC System is Blowing Warm Air

One of the most common complaints about an air conditioner is that it’s blowing warm air. Before scheduling a repair, check your HVAC system’s thermostat setting. Is it set to “Cool” and “Auto”? If you want your AC system to cool your home, it shouldn’t be on the “Fan” setting. If your air conditioner is still blowing warm air after checking your thermostat, it could be because there’s a refrigerant leak, a blown breaker or a broken compressor.

AC System is Constantly Turning On and Off

Your AC system will turn on and off as the outdoor temperature changes. But if you notice that it’s turning on and off frequently, it’s either too big for your home or there’s an underlying issue that needs addressing. Turn your system off for an hour, then turn it back on. Is it still constantly turning on and off? It might be because it has loose wires, faulty wiring or a bad power source. Don’t try to diagnose and repair this issue without a professional’s help.

AC System is Unusually Loud

Your air conditioner will make noises as it turns on and off. That’s completely normal. But some noises, like rattling or grinding, indicate a problem. Loud noises in your air conditioner usually mean a professional should check its ductwork or fans. A component of the AC system also might have come loose. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less risk of damaging the system even more. Schedule a professional service technician to take a look right away.

Is your AC system already acting funny this cooling season? Don’t wait any longer to repair the issue; otherwise, it might cause more damage and become more expensive to fix. Contact Mattex Heating Cooling and Plumbing for immediate assistance. We’re here to help you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

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