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Our locally owned company has been providing outstanding customer service and home comfort services and repairs for 23 years! Our customers have taken the time to express their satisfaction of our services. If we have done service for you please feel free to leave us a review. Mattex loves to hear what our customers are saying about us!


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Roger C. said:
Kyle was excellent as always!
Beckee B. said:
I was extremely pleased with the friendliness, thoroughness, and patience displayed by Cole in my service call. I always recommend Mattex for HVAC service as I have been well pleased with Mattex since my first service call with my ancient furnace, and through the replacement of it and my central air unit a few years ago. Thanks.
Gene L. said:
Jared and Seth were professional, clean, courteous, and respectful during my equipment install. I was very happy with the price for the service and equipment I received.
Ruth M. said:
I have not lived in Champaign very long and was very nervous to start shopping for a new heating and AC system for my home. I called Mattex because they are a Trane dealer and I had had a Trane system in my former home. So glad I did! The installation was done quickly and with no problems. A few weeks after the installation, my sump pump started running and wasn’t turning off. I called Mattex to see if there could be a problem with the humidifier emptying into the sump pit. Hannah took my information and said that she would talk to a technician and call me back. Within 10 minutes she called back and said that a technician was on the way. This was the end of the work day (4:50pm) and I was so surprised that someone was willing to extend their day – but then I thought, uh-oh, I’m going to be paying some hefty overtime. Trevor was at my house and down in the crawl space pronto. The sump pump which was supposed to be new at the time of my purchase of the house was actually very old. The shut off switch had failed and the sump pump was running and overheating. Trevor got it shut off and installed a new sump pump in no time. Uh-oh, here comes the bill….WHAT? no overtime, no problem.
Patrick M. said:
Ed, Justin, and Kyle did a great job. This was our first experience with Mattex, ive know Justin and Ed for many years but I’ve never used Mattex service for our plant. Recently we were not happy with our prior Plumbing & HVAC company, I let them go and contacted Mattex because I knew Justin and ED. These 3 guys really knew their stuff, I was extremely impressed especially working with this old equipment. Mattex is one of the more higher companies per hour, but I’m here to say it’s worth every dollar having your techs here with these types of skills. I’ve worked with just about every Plumbing & HVAC contractor within 75 miles over my 20 years of being in this field, and I just cannot tell you how impressed I was with your techs and how fast they work. They were all about business every second they were here and keeping me informed every step of the way especially with cost. I can tell you from this experience with Mattex not only will you now service our plant, you now have my dwelling & my 3 office buildings for all my companies. Thank you again. @Patrick, Thank you so much for the kind words you expressed in your testimonial about our technicians and our service. We are glad we could help you resolve your HVAC issues. Mattex looks forward to working with you!
Tammi S. said:
Early on a September morning, our home was struck by lightning. One computer, an answering machine, a ceiling fan, and several light bulbs fizzled out, but our house didn’t burn to the ground. So we shrugged it off without a second thought and simply replaced what fizzled out. Two months later, we heard a sad story of a lady who died in an electrical fire due to the old knob-and-tube wiring in her home. We thought, “That could be us, especially after a lightning strike.” Kyle from Mattex came over to investigate for damage. We asked if he would go ahead and do our annual maintenance for both furnace and AC while he was here, which he did. He said, “I have good news and bad news. Your home does not have knob-and-tube wiring, which is good news. But here’s the bad: The circuit board on your furnace is not operational.” We had no reason to distrust Mattex from previous experience with them. But because of some very bad experiences with other companies before we found Mattex, our old paradigm of suspicion set in. Why did our circuit board suddenly break during a maintenance checkup? What would our home owners insurance do about all this? Did our ten year warranty with Trane uphold despite the lightning strike two months ago? In the next nineteen hours, all our questions were answered. Yes, the circuit board might have been affected by the lightning, but the fault was revealed only when power was cut, then turned back on, which Kyle did during maintenance. But this would have happened anyway at the next power outage, whether it was a sub-zero day in January or the hottest day next summer. Kyle worked hard to find a new variable-speed board so that we could have heat back as soon as possible. Our trust was reinforced. But no, the ten year warranty did not cover a circuit board affected by lightning. Matt, one of the owners of Mattex, came to our house to see the problem and speak with us. He explained that, since we’re not certain that lightning caused the problem, the circuit board was still covered under the ten year warranty. In our current economy, businesses are tempted to make money any way they can. But we will stick with Mattex. They can be trusted to have their customers’ best interest at heart. Thank you, Mattex!
M. Mobasseri said:
I just got my new furnace done by Rich Brantley and Vince Henry. They got here sharp at 8 a.m. as scheduled. They worked around the clock and installed my brand new furnace and air conditioning unit. They were extremely professional and worked efficiently despite the rain! I recommend both these gentlemen for both purchasing and installation of heat and air units. Thank you Rich and Vince….because of your dedication and hard work I get to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday in a warm and cozy house.
W. Feinberg said:
I had a sump pump drainage issue that I thought would cost me many hundreds of dollars to fix. Ed came down examined the situation explored a couple of possibilities and had the problem fixed in less than an hour. Saved lots of $.
J. Martin said:
The control board in my 26-year old furnace started to fail, and while I could have done a repair to eek a few more years out of it, I opted for replacement. I contacted and received bids from seven different companies in Champaign-Urbana to replace both the furnace and A/C. Of everybody I contacted, Rich from Mattex was the right combination of professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He was very straight-forward with what I needed, presented quotes for just about every possible option instead of recommending just one system, answered my repeated phone calls and questions, and gave me a lot of information to work with. No other company addressed my needs as well as he did. All salesmen are trying to make the best sale they can, but Rich seemed to be more interested in selling what best met my needs instead of what was best for his commission. I also felt their price was very appropriate for the work being done and the products/services being provided, so I was more than happy to give my business to him. The installation itself was a breeze. The technicians who did the install did a great job of lining everything up with the existing ductwork, made some adjustments to work with my weirdly designed basement, cleaned up after themselves, and were very professional. They were willing to work with my schedule and my need to have the A/C unit installed at a later date so I can fix the grade on that side of the house. So far, the system is working great and while I hope to never have to install an HVAC system again, I would absolutely use this company to do it.
(Sept 26, 2016) Katharine Schenck said:
Cole Hurt came out to do my HVAC service and repairs to my vents and ducts. He got everything done quickly and explained why it happened. Then I decided I needed a new thermostat and Cole helped me with that too. Unlike most people these days I want LESS complicated and Cole found exactly that and got it installed for me right away. He is an excellent representative for your company. He’s awesome!
(Sept 6, 2016) Jef Player said:
Vince was our service person. Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Our furnace had several Service Stickers on it. The wife chose to contact Mattex. She chose wisely.
(Aug 30, 2016) Kurt D said:
This weekend our sump went out (thankfully we had a backup, also installed by Mattex!) and I left Mattex a message. Brian from Mattex got back to me within 5 minutes and first helped me diagnose the problem to see if he needed to come over. I appreciate that as he helped me over the phone first to help avoid a service call. We decided he needed to come and we set a time. He proactively called me twice to let me know he was running late. When he arrived he was professional, efficient and got the job done in a timely manner. Unfortunately, too many service providers over promise, under deliver, are not proactive or accountable. That is definitely NOT the case with Brian and Mattex!
(Aug 5, 2016) August 5, 2016 Cheryl said:
This morning I woke up with no hot water. Being skeptical about finding a plumber someone recommended Mattex to me. From the initial phone call and having Cole Hurt come to the house I became quite comfortable in repairing my hot water heater. Cole was able to immediately diagnose the problem and even showed me the defective part. I would highly recommend Mattex to anyone.
(July 21, 2016) Janice Blair said:
I talked to Trevor Buford and he spent a lot time with me going over what I needed and wanted in an A/C unit. I went with a private installer but I recommend Trevor Buford and Mattex to anyone.
(July 19, 2016) Carol W said:
My experience with Mattex was awesome. It was so quick and easy to get an appointment scheduled and get someone out to my house shortly after. Kyle was very personable not to mention respectful and I am very particular about the service people I have in my home. He was not pushy (again a big plus in my mind) and I will request him when I get my furnace check this Fall. Prices were very competitive with others in the area so the excellent service was a major bonus!
(July 19, 2016) Becky said:
Mattex installed two new furnaces and cooling units for us. Rich Brantley from the sales department was kind, informed, and VERY patient with us. Jared and his assistants installed the units, when one unit wouldn’t work they gave suggestions on what would work and serve us better. Again the service guys were kind, and VERY patient with us. Our bill for cooling the house this summer was at least $200.00 cheaper than previous summers. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!! Thank you again Mattex. You have been a blessing!!!!
(June 28, 2016) Mattex Heating & Cooling said:
@Annette Bicknese, we are so glad we were able to help you at the time you needed us. Thank you for the testimonial.
(June 27, 2016) Annette Bicknese said:
Had an air conditioner problem at night, called around 8:30 at night. Chris came out, installed new compressor and was done about 45 minutes after my call..fantastic, house is cooling off! Chris explained everything and was very professional. Loved that there are no overtime charges, just normal service call day or night!
(June 16, 2016) Mattex Heating & Cooling said:
@Maggie E.,
Thank you for your testimonial. We are so glad you chose Mattex Heating & Cooling to address your needs!
(June 16, 2016) Anonymous said:
@Kathleen Claussen,
Thank you for your testimonial, Kathleen. We appreciate it!
(June 16, 2016) Kathleen Claussen said:
Cole was on time and was honest, provided excellent service, stuck to the estimate in the final bill. Very courteous and friendly.
(June 6, 2016) Maggie E. said:
After trying a few different places in Champaign, I am committed to Mattex. The people who work for Mattex are trustworthy and knowledgeable. Also, as I have a child in the house, I want people in my home who are friendly, quiet, and courteous; Mattex meets this need. I am especially happy with the HVAC people and I always request Cole.

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We recently had a new furnace and air conditioner installed by Mattex and their service was outstanding. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Rich made thorough measurements of our home, gave us clear, detailed estimates, promptly answered our many questions and explained everything well. Andy and Dylan did a wonderful job on installation—they were fast and left the area spotless. Thank you Rich, Andy and Dylan for the excellent work!

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We contacted Mattex due to unusual noises heard from our furnace. Sam from Mattex verified one part of noises was due to a failed condensate pump and the other was caused by clogs in condensate drain. The furnace runs quietly now after he did a great work to get these problems fixed. Sam was very professional, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable during the whole process and patiently explained all the problems and solutions to us in great details. We are very happy about the result and highly recommend Mattex and Sam.

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Paul Cline did an excellent job with our plumbing need. He was on time, respectful and explained the issue in great detail so that we we able to make an informed decision about the work to be done. He then completed the work accurately and quickly! We will definitely call Mattex again and request Paul specifically for any plumbing issues we may have.

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I've called on Mattex several time over the past three years to take care of a variety of things, including plumbing, heating and air conditioning. I've always been impressed with their service. They are prompt, attentive, and thorough. I have and will continue to recommend.

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Technician, Brandon Young, doesn't quit until the job is done--even when the job revealed two unpredicted issues. He followed through and waited until he was sure all components were functioning appropriately. A huge thank you to Mattex.

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Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez
14:01 26 Aug 17
As a first-time customer, I was truly impressed with Mattex's service. I left a message and received a quick response. I explained the problem and was informed about pricing in a plain, easy to understand manner. That same day, the technicians, Vince and Kyle, arrived. They were professional, courteous, and worked in a methodical manner to quickly diagnose a tricky electrical problem where others had failed. They provided a reasonable updated estimate after they determine the source of the problem. They even offered preventative maintenance advice on an unrelated issue. They are a credit to their company. Highly recommend for your electrical needs.
Tim Shane
Tim Shane
18:58 08 Oct 17
My review maybe a little long, Amazing is one of many words that can describe Mattex Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. I am one of many home owners that was lost when it comes to heating and cooling in my home. Like many others I did my research on do it yourself to looking into professional help. Well looking into home advisor and I received a phone call from Rich with Mattex Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We setup a free home inspection with the hopes of having someone help me with what would be best for our family. Rich came and did a walk thru with me and was very informative and knowledgeable. He covered every single detail, questions we had. It was amazing to say the least. Rich quoted us with a new furnace and A.C. for my home. We went thru there financing dept needless to say it was very easy. Then we set up a day for installation. Cory, Scott and Nelson came to install our new furnace and A.C. units. From removal of our old equipment to the installation of our new equipment. Was smooth easy. With continued concern and question of what comes next. Cory, Scott and Nelson made it just as easy. They where very informative and knowledgeable. Made me feel right at home knowing I made the right decision. I can go on and on about these guys. Thank you so much Mattex Service. I would recommend these guys to anybody!!!
Amy Dickinson
Amy Dickinson
01:43 30 Jun 17
Rich was very informative and spent alot of time with us making sure we put in a heat pump that would work for our needs. He told us about duct zoning because we have an old farmhouse where the upstairs bedrooms were too hot to sleep in in the summer. We had a new heat pump and coil and duct zoning installed by Seth and Corey. They were very helpful and professional and took a lot of time making sure I knew how to use the new thermostats and how the zoning worked. They had to do the install the same day our roof was being torn off and they were troopers. The new heat pump and the zoning have made a HUGE difference, and it's so cool and comfortable upstairs now that it's like living in a different house! We are very happy with the results and very happy with Mattex.
Douglas Irwin
Douglas Irwin
18:31 01 Dec 17
All the folks from Mattex are good at what they do: service, sales, phone support. Very pleased with this company.
Sonya Shipley
Sonya Shipley
00:15 19 Sep 17
I have had Mattex Service Company out a few times and have had nothing but positive experiences with them so far. Office staff as well as technicians I dealt with have all been very courteous, professional, responsive to my needs and requests, accommodating and knowledgeable. I will definitely be calling them again when I need service.
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